Here’s the remix I made to the new A$AP Mob cut, “Hella Hoes”. Features an extra little snippet/sample (think explosives DJs). Went cashews on this shit. #nuts

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I fucking love this tape and I know you will too.

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Though it’s not in the best quality ever I’m still pretty happy with this song. Any time I can incorporate some anime samples in I’mma be dernnnn it brehh.

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Here’s yet another song off of Senior Thesis (OUT NOW!!)

I always loved Alucard from Hellsing so when I had the outro of this chorus written it just seemed to fit perfectly.

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Off the Senior Thesis tape out today! Pioneer 10 completed the first mission to Jupiter on a mission that lasted 30 years, 10 months and 22 days (ending on Jan. 23, 2003).

And yes, that is the OG Carl Sagan on the first half.

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I did it Tumblr! I fucking graduated college!

So what better way to celebrate than to drop my new tape, Senior Thesis, the day after!?

Please give it a listen (maybe 40) and keep on rocking in the free world!!

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More music by me. Take a lishen.

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I know most of y’all see audio posts and laugh them off if it’s not fucking Drake or Lil B or some shit but just give it a chance.

Dope Trees is the first song of the Trees trilogy. Each of the which has three separate mini tracks in them. So if you hate one you may love the other 8.

If you hate em let me know, if you love it let your friends know (and me).

Happy Mother’s Day!

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New URL same Goods. Freshly Baked, of course. New Music coming. Oh and I go by Finn now. 

In loving memory,

MufFinn Man 2009-2014

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Imma pull this one out because I really fucking like it lol. Brink! samples are always welcome as well.

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Wahhh wahhh wahhh nobody listens to me.

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Then there’s this…

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