This song is one of my favorites on the tape (OUT NOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!) I hope you all take a chance and listen to at least one (maybe 1000 times each).

Took me a few months to get the thesis out but I couldn’t have asked for a better time, the day after graduation.

If you’ve listened, thanks, if not, it’s two minutes. The fuck is two minutes?

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Imma pull this one out because I really fucking like it lol. Brink! samples are always welcome as well.

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Wahhh wahhh wahhh nobody listens to me.

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This isn’t my most recent song (my third most technically) but it’s been a while since I’ve posted any music. Three little songs in one. Trees.

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My newest song, the first with new mic (AKG Perception 120). I’m incredibly happy with this one and I hope anyone that hears it is as well.

This is off my new tape, which is coming soon. Like really soon.

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If you’re a stripper, Drake has probably made your life anthem once or five times.

…or Journey for you small town girls.

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Here’s the deal: A new song each Saturday until I drop the Saturday mixtape. Simple shit, right? This is the first installment, a verse I dropped to the UOENO beat. It’s outrageously fun.

Played out beat? Nah breh.

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MufFinn Man on SoundCloud

Just hit 3000 plays the other day. Let’s make that 30k.

Sonic Dope Cover

You know, I heard the first 3000 is the hardest.

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Here’s me remix to A$AP Rocky’s LVL off of his new album. Loved the beat, needed to rap to it. So finding the instrumental seemed like a sign.

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New song later on. Not sure when exactly… you can’t rush genius of course. But later.

This shit right here… is Miles. The tail end of this track is IMO some of the best production on the entire EP.Let me know what you think! Do you agree?

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