The people who always comment on Kanye West articles always complain that the comparisons made about him (to lets say…. Mozart or someone of the ilk) are completely unfounded and full of hyperbole. Then they go ahead and completely hyperbolically degrade him and his achievements. It’s just incredible.

If you don’t like him as a person, fine, I accept that. I hate so many fucking people, too. 

But to be so blinded by your feelings of him as a person to completely disregard his achievements and influence in and upon music (and pop culture in general) means you’re just being a fucking asshole.

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Oh and I dropped this about an hour ago. My very first beat tape. I only started making beats a couple of months ago after getting sick of not having enough tracks to rap on.

While working on Simplefinn (my first entirely self-produced project) these beats kind of became their own thing. So here it is, my debut as a “producer”, the Toonami Beat Tape.

dropped this hotness earlier but it was entirely too many pages back. So of course I’m reblogging it now.

I’m going to reblog it until it gets a million fucking notes. Even if I have to reblog it a million times.

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I know people’ve got their kinks and shit but I cannot understand the cuckold shit. Like, you want to watch/hear about other dudes fucking your wife? While they talk shit about you? Idk man, seems like something that would drive me to homicide. That’s just me though.

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